What Happened After RAW, Matches Taped for This Week's Superstars

– Prior to Monday’s WWE RAW from San Jose, California, WWE taped the following matches for this week’s episode of Superstars:

* The Uso’s vs. The Prime Time Players.

* Kofi Kingston vs. JTG.

– After Monday’s WWE RAW went off the air, the huge in-ring brawl featuring the Royal Rumble participants cleared out, leaving only John Cena and Sheamus in the ring. Big Show came out with a microphone and announced that he and Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett would be facing John Cena and Sheamus in the dark match main event.

John Cena and Sheamus won the match after Cena hit the AA on the Big Show. After the match, Big Show cut a promo saying that it took both Cena and Sheamus to beat him and no single competitor could beat him in a fair fight. Out came World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio, who unloaded on the Big Show to end the show. Del Rio left through the crowd and put on a San Francisco 49ers hat.

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