WWE House Show Results (11/10/13) – Glasgow, Scotland

Thanks to rajah.com reader Monk Johnson for sending this in:

Sold Out Braehead Arena

Match 1

Uso’s vs hunico and camacho

Good opening match, Uso’s are a solid team that rarely disappoint, Uso’s win with superkick and splash combo.

Match 2

AJ and Tamina vs The Bella’s

Standard divas match, was probably the shortest match of the night, AJ tried to apply the black widow on Brie but Brie managed to counter by hitting the Bella Buster for the win.

*Failed Alberto del rio video promo, no sound!

Match 3

Drew MacIntyre vs Great Kahli

Big pop for Drew MacIntyre no shock there, loud boos for Khali. MacIntyre played the babyface in this David vs Goliath match, feeding off the crowd as the underdog, a back and fore match that even went to the floor for a brawl (yes Khali in a ringside brawl), Khali eventually got the claw on, MacIntyre managed to counter with a roll up to get the 3, big pop for the Scottish lad getting a win!

Surprisingly good match

Match 4

Intercontinental title match

Curtis Axel vs Justin Gabriel

The young crowd were behind Gabriel a fair bit, and he got decent offence in, standard back and forth match, Axel exposes the turn buckle and after a missed corner splash from Gabriel axel picks up the win with the axelizer (don’t know why he doesn’t use the perfect plex it’s much better than the face buster)

Match 5

CM Punk comes out to a huge pop.

Paul Heymen rolls out in a wheelchair with his doctor Doctor Wankenberg (yup) crying about the attack at hell in a hell, long whiney promo from heyman stating the crowd are witnesses and all part of his lawsuit, asking for punk to leave so he can instruct the crowd what they are to say as witnesses, punk attacks doctor wankenberg, then proceeds to attack heyman with a kendo stick a lengthy attack on Heyman, guess Axel and Ryback were busy in the back.

The Wyatt family turn up to attack Punk till Bryan makes the save HUGE YES chants, punk challenges the Wyatt’s to a tag match

Match 5

Punk and Bryan vs the Wyatt family

The crowd were all over this, YES chants a go go, Punk was even instigating the YES chants on occasion, the Wyatt Family worked well as a team, Luke Harper’s ring presence continually grows. Bray Wyatt got involved a few times, and eventually was sent packing, not long after Punk hits the GTS on Harper who then stumbles into the running knee from Bryan for the win.

Good match which bodes well if this match happens at Survivor Series as expected.

Match 6

3MB (Slater and Mihal) vs Prime Time Players

Fun match, Heath Slater mocked the PTP on a few occasions and interacted with the crowd well, O’neil look good, and PTP picked up the win after they both did their finishers on slater.

Match 7

Ryback vs R Truth

Ryback got the Mic and proceeded to bad mouth Glasgow, also mentioning it was his birthday and demanded the crowd sung happy birthday for him instead he received loud “GOLDBERG” chants, Ryback replied that he expected a poor attitude and had a backup plan is the form of Tony Chimel singing it for him, he then said after the match he was going to have some Birthday Cake, some Birthday Beer, then take a big Birthday Goldberg in this dump! Ryback did well here and got good heat from the crowd.

Decent back and forth match, Ryback picking up the win with the shellshock.

Main Event

World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio

What you’d expect from these two guys, solid match. With the majority of the crowd being youngsters the crowd were pretty hot for this match louder high pitch LETS GO CENA chants than the deeper CENA SUCKS chants. An impressive spot to the match was when Del Rio applied the cross arm breaker on Cena’s bad arm, Cena drew on that superhuman strength to counter by lifting Del Rio an hitting him with a make shift single arm powerbomb!!! Impressive. Cena then went on to hit the AA for the win. Good match.

all in all a solid house, even Khali manage to have a good match.


Monk Johnson

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