Jake Roberts Apologizes To The Ultimate Warrior For His Recent Comments

Jake Roberts has issued an apology to the Ultimate Warrior for some remarks he made about him during a recent interview. On the Busted Open radio show, Jake responded to The Ultimate Warrior entering the WWE Hall of Fame by saying:

“I know, man! I know that [their careers can’t be compared]. But maybe they’re taking in a**holes and not great talent. I don’t know.”

Warrior fired back on Twitter, calling Jake a hypocrite and saying he instills horror and pity in people:

Now, Jake has responded, apologizing to Warrior and saying he wants to put the whole situation behind him.

“My guys showed me Warrior’s tweets. I was trying to be entertaining with the radio show and took things too far, like I do too often. I have no business inferring anything negative about him. I apologize. He deserves the HOF and respect for what he accomplished in the business. But let me be clear. There is no hypocrisy here. I am not preaching anything. I am sharing my recovery path to show others what is possible. So no pity, bathrooms stalls or groveling. I am doing great. I am an addict and alcoholic working every single day to repair and make the best out of the life I have left. I make mistakes, like that comment, but my recovery has been amazing. Jim does not know this Jake. Without realizing or intending to, I fired the first shot and will take Jim’s response without any negativity towards him. I apologize and am putting behind me.”


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