Jim Ross Q&A: Who Should Induct Paul Bearer?, Undertaker/HOF, Taz, Michael Cole

The following are highlights of a recent Jim Ross Q&A update:

On Michael Cole filling his spot as lead announcer: “Absolutely. Cole’s working his tail off being all things to many masters. hardest working broadcaster in WWE by far.”

On old-school announcer Boyd Pierce: “Boyd was a true character with a terrific sense of humor. Loved the business passionately. Good man.”

On who should induct Paul Bearer this year and Undertaker when he finally goes in: “I’m anxious to see who does the inducting, etc at the WWE HOF. I have no idea. Curious though. I think that Vince McMahon should introduce Taker when that day comes.”

On Taz: “Taz is doing great and we still keep in touch. I will attempt to get him on my podcast without question.”

On if he’ll have Daniel Bryan on his podcast: “Perhaps. Not sue that he would want to be on or if I could get it cleared.”

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