(Spoilers) NXT TV Taping Results For The Next Four Weeks

The following are results for the next four weeks of NXT television. The report was written by ProWrestling.net.

Dark Match

1. The Mechanics (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) beat Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake.

September 18 Show

The show opened with Titus O’Neil cutting a heel promo on the crowd and proclaiming NXT to be NXTitus. Sami Zayn interrupted Titus and wanted to wrestle him. Adrian Neville came out and said he wanted to face Titus because he’s the champion. Tyson Kidd came out and it was settled that the main event of the show would be a tag match with Neville and Zayn facing Kidd and O’Neil.

1. Charlotte over Emma.

2. Hideo Itami pinned Justin Gabriel. Itami used a diving double stomp as his finisher. After the match, The Ascension ran down and laid out Itami.

3. Baron Corbin squashed CJ Parker.

4. Tyson Kidd and Titus O’Neil beat Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn. There was a lot of one upmanship between Zayn and Neville throughout the match. Kidd scored the pin on Neville after Titus knocked him off the top turnbuckle while the ref was distracted trying to keep Zayn out of the ring.

It was announced that the next set of tapings will take place on September 25.

September 25 Show

1. Bull Dempsey beat Mojo Rawley. After Bull left Mojo lying in the ring, Tyler Breeze came out and beat up Mojo some more before the next match.

2. Tyler Breeze over Justin Gabriel.

3. Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss. After the match, Bayley asked Charlotte to come out to the ring and asked for a rematch from Takeover. Charlotte said that Bayley had earned her respect and she’d get another shot, but warned that the second verse would be the same as the first. The match is set for the following episode.

4. Enzo Amore pinned Marcus Louis. Louis was wearing the Kurt Angle headgear and wig until Enzo pulled it off and rolled up Louis while he scrambled to put it back on.

5. Lucha Dragons retained the NXT Tag Team Championships over The Ascension. Hideo Itami distracted The Ascension which allowed Kalisto to hit Salida del Sol for the win. Afterwards, Itami laid out Konnor on the stage with kicks.

October 2 Show

1. Charlotte retained the NXT Women’s Championship over Bayley. This was said to be a very good match with another clean win for Charlotte. They hugged after the match.

2. Hideo Itami vs. Viktor never started. The Ascension just attacked Itami and left him laying.

3. Baron Corbin squashed Troy McClain.

4. The Vaudevillains beat Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger.

5.Adrian Neville retained the NXT Championship over Tyson Kidd. This was Kidd’s last opportunity at the title while Neville is champion. Titus O’Neil tried to interfere but ate a Helluva Kick from Sami Zayn for his efforts. After the match, Adrian Neville was frustrated that Sami Zayn got involved in the match. The crowd is turning on Neville big time.

October 9 Show

1. Tyler Breeze squashed Mojo Rawley.

2. Hideo Itami defeated Viktor. This time Itami used a running kick to the head for the finish. Konnor was nowhere to be found until after the match when he came out with a beaten-down Funaki (who has been helping Itami with everything since moving to the US). The Ascension then put a wicked beatdown on Itami and tied him up in the ropes before they assaulted Funaki in the ring. The Ascension left and Itami was still stuck in the ropes unable to do anything.

3. The Vaudevillains over Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady.

4. Sasha Banks beat Becky Lynch.

5. Titus O’Neil pinned Sami Zayn clean. The story of Zayn coming up short continues. Titus was going to attack Zayn more after the match but Adrian Neville made the save. Zayn expressed frustration in Neville for showing up. The show will likely go off air here, but the segment continued for the crowd with Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze coming out, but Kidd left Breeze to take a beating from Neville and Zayn. The crowd was said to be ready to leave following the third episode, so the crowd had thinned enough that the ushers asked everyone to slide to the on-camera section for the fourth show.

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