JR Q&A: If CM Punk Will Announce NJPW Show With Him, Issues w/ Lesnar's Deal

The following are highlights of a recent Jim Ross website Q&A update:

On longer WWE PPVs on the WWE Network and Hell In A Cell running short: “It’s impossible for me to say but WWE’s goal used to be to get as close to a three hour PPV as possible. I’m thinking that the show simply went short and someone missed a time cue.”

On who the nicest people in wrestling are outside the ring: “There are many good guys outside the ring too many to start mentioning here or to erroneously leave off a list. It mirrors life…there are good people to be around while there are others that aren’t.”

On Brock Lesnar and the WWE title rarely appearing on TV or PPVs: “I had no isue only seeing Brock occasionally on RAW but to not see him for endless stretches of time isn’t a good scenario for WWE or their fans. Apparently, WWE made a financial deal that isn’t company or fan friendly.”

On if he’d like CM Punk to call the NJPW Tokyo Dome show with him: “That’s not my job. I’d love to work with him nonetheless but it’s not likely.”

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