Update On TNA Pay Issues: Workers Paid Less Than Promised?, More

The issue of TNA being behind on payments to their wrestlers and office employees continues to gain momentum as more details have come to light regarding the story.

SportingNews.com is reporting that production workers within TNA are still behind on payments owed to them dating back to the “One Night Only” pay-per-view tapings from mid-February.

While not included in the Sporting News article, we can also confirm that several TNA workers have yet to be paid for the most recent set of television tapings.

One production team member noted that the company told them that checks were cut on April 3rd, but now, two weeks later, none of them have yet to receive the money that they were promised.

It’s also worth mentioning that production workers were not paid for the TNA tour of the United Kingdom in January until early-April, and claimed that on average, they were shorted approximately $1,000 for that tour.

We should have more details on this story when additional information becomes available.

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