Dean Ambrose Hypes Payback, Talks About The Shield

Dean Ambrose was Michael Cole’s guest for this week’s sitdown interview.

– Cole asked if Ambrose ever thought the day would come where he’d be challenging for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Ambrose says anyone who gets in the business and wants to achieve anything has their sights set on the WWE Championship. He didn’t expect he’d be getting the title opportunity so soon, but here he is. Ambrose says he just tries to win as much as possible, stay alive and healthy. Good things come your way when you put out positive energy.

– Cole says fans have been rallying behind Ambrose and ‘social media’ believes he’s the favorite to win the Fatal 4 Way match this Sunday. He asks Ambrose if that puts pressure on him. Ambrose laughed at the idea and says he doesn’t like social media. He says he doesn’t want anyone to be knowing what he’s doing at all time. He doesn’t feel the need to tweet anyone anything and doesn’t really think about fans picking him as hte favorite.

– Cole brought up the fact that all 3 former members of the Shield will be fighting for the WWE Championship (along with Randy Orton) this Sunday and asks if Ambrose ever wondered what would have happened if the group never broke up. Ambrose says the plan all along was to plant new seeds with them and create a new, fresh WWE with the group on top. In hindsight, him, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns fighting over the WWE Championship is what they wanted since day one.

– Ambrose says it would be great to win the WWE Championship because it would piss of The Authority. He added that if he wins, The Authority will try to make his life hell and laughed at the idea of being the next face of WWE.

* Editorial: WWE Has Successfully Elevated The IC & US Titles

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