Rumored WWE SummerSlam Main Event, Battleground IC Title Match

– At Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank PPV, we saw The Miz interfere in the IC title match between Ryback and the Big Show. This was done to set up a 3-way match between them at next month’s Battleground PPV.

– As of this writing, the scheduled main event for WWE SummerSlam in August will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. Triple H. The news was first reported by Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio.

WWE has already planted the seeds for the match, with a rift forming between Rollins and The Authority and Rollins using Triple H’s pedigree finisher. It remains to be seen if Rollins will be turning babyface for his feud with Triple H, but Brock Lesnar and Triple H both wrestling at SummerSlam will help solidify the show as one of WWE’s top special events of the year.

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