Joe Rogan: "Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Fight Looked Fake As F*ck"

Longtime UFC color-commentator Joe Rogan spoke about the Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice main event from this past weekend in the latest edition of his podcast, noting that he felt it looked “fake as f*ck.”

Rogan went on to explain why he felt that way.

“There’s a couple things I don’t like about that fight,” said the always outspoken Rogan. “I don’t like that clinch. That long clinch that they had when they were mouth to ear. They were mouth to each other’s ears for a long f***ing time.”

Rogan continued, “When Ken did take [Slice] down he never hit him once. How bout that? He never hit him. He had him down. He had him flattened out. He’s not blasting him with punches. He’s got him flattened out and he’s not hitting him. That doesn’t make any sense.

“To me, the whole thing … the entrance looked so suspect because he was shaking everybody’s hand. It didn’t look like he was about to go to a fight. It looked like he was about to go put on a performance. But they might have told them that this is the way to generate interest in this fight. To hype it up. All the fake bad blood.”

Continuing with his theory that something seemed “off” about that fight, one thing Rogan did feel was real was the way in which Kimbo blasted Shamrock en route to a stoppage victory.

“The other thing that got me was the way Kimbo stopped Shamrock,” said Rogan. “That was real as f**k. I mean he definitely cracked him. So maybe they made an agreement and Kimbo said, ‘I’m gonna punch this motherf***er anyway.’”

Rogan also questioned the submission attempt that Shamrock had, one that most people would have finished a fight with.

“[Shamrock] never went behind the head,” Rogan said of the choke attempt. “He choked [Slice] but he had it like on top of the head in some sort of weird way. It was disturbing to me how easy Kimbo shook Ken off his back. There was a lot of s**t I didn’t like about it.”

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