Brie Bella Interview: NXT Divas Getting Called Up, Divas Championship

Brie Bella recently spoke with Female First in the UK to promote the return of WWE Total Divas. Here are some highlights of what she said about:

Going after the Divas Championship:

“I absolutely want to go after that Diva’s Championship, but Brie’s sort of the nicer twin… though I’m sure it’ll be hard when Summerslam comes around to not be tempted to try something with Nikki!”

Begging Vince McMahon to get NXT Divas called up:

“My sister and I were begging [Vince McMahon] for more Divas to come up to the main roster from NXT after WrestleMania, but they have to wrap up their stories there which can sometimes be why it doesn’t happen immediately and as fast as we’d like.”

Daniel Bryan and the new Total Divas season:

“There’s lots of drama. But also last season you saw talk of Daniel and I hoping to start a family, that continues this season… Everyone wants to see Daniel Bryan go for his fertility test! But I think everybody in Total Divas this season goes full Brie Mode at least twice! It is sometimes hard living life in front of the cameras, but my husband and I just roll with it and get on with things.”

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