Jim Ross Comments On Monday's RAW, Bella's Record, Sting & More

The following are highlights of the latest Jim Ross blog:

On the finish to RAW: “The finish of the show was perfect to build to Sunday’s NOC as Sting beating Rollins as tried an true, old school booking. Still curious as to why WWE did not heavily promote Sting’s first ever match on RAW in advance especially going up against the Monday Night Football double header. Nice booking.”

On the finish to the Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte title match: “Had no issue with villain Nikki cheating to retain her title and creating another opportunity to have another title bout in Houston Sunday against a motivated Charlotte. I only hope that Charlotte will never be earmarked to be a umpteen time champion which is one of the more overrated stats in pro wrestling. WWE is blessed with some amazing female talent and if they are not booked liked females have traditionally been more often than not in the biz in the past, they have something special to work with that will be new and fresh.”

“Nonetheless, Charlotte is amazingly athletic and a special talent and she reminds me of a female Kurt Angle.”

On Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman: “Love that @HeymanHustle and Brock Lesnar are not on every RAW as it keeps them special ala Andre the Giant back in the day when he was the most valued attraction in the game. Same goes for Taker which is another reason that I feel that the Deadman isn’t retirement ready.”

On Cesaro: “Damn, I’m a major fan of Cesaro and for the life of me still fee that he is massively underutilized. His in ring work/persona is SO strong that he’s a main eventer waiting to explode. I’d still love to see him some day have a match with Lesnar just for my own old school enjoyment. esaro is money…so please cash the check.”

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