Edge On Stephen Amell's In-Ring Debut At SummerSlam, His Role In "The Flash"

WWE Hall Of Famer Edge (Adam Copeland) recently spoke to WWE.com to promote his role as super villain Atom Smasher on the hit CW series, “The Flash,” which premieres on Tuesday night at 8pm EST. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On how physical his role on “The Flash” was: “It was a walk in the park compared to WWE! Anytime I was asked if I could do something physical, I said “no problem.” There is one scene where I was held by wires up on my tip-toes, perpendicular to the floor, with a giant fan blowing at me and had to stand perfectly straight without using my arms for about 30 minutes. Basically, I did a 30-minute plank. It was a great workout. The next day, my butt was sore. That’s probably too much information.”

On how Stephen Amell did in his in-ring debut at WWE SummerSlam: “He did a good job. No matter what kind of shape you’re in, wrestling is a different kind of cardio, and there is no way to prepare for it other than wrestling every night. I briefly chatted with him beforehand and was happy to find out that he’s a lifelong fan and fellow Toronto-kid. For someone who used to go see WWE at Maple Leaf Gardens and went to WrestleMania VI, he got to live out one of his dreams of competing in WWE.

He wasn’t there to promote the new season of “Arrow,” because it was nowhere near the season premiere. He was actually in the midst of filming the season, which is crazy. Being the lead of that series and having everyone depend on him to show up for work, if anything had gone wrong in the match, that would have been very bad for everyone who works on that show. I respect the fact that he just wanted to do it because of how big a WWE fan he is.”

Check out the complete interview at WWE.com.

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