Cesaro On Why He Doesn't Want Paul Heyman As Manager, Dream Opponent

WWE Superstar Cesaro recently spoke with PlanetaWrestling.com about his current condition, his WWE return and more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the Cesaro Section:

“I think it’s awesome, I’m very happy and very grateful because it is something that the fans started, and I feel I am part of it and we are in this together.”

On his pick to win the Royal Rumble this Sunday and who he thinks will steal the show at Wrestlemania 32:

“The Royal Rumble is very difficult, because obviously there are 30 people, and there are many superstars in it. … I will say that whoever wins it will be a surprise. I do not think it’s going to be anyone to think that is a favorite, it will be a surprise. And who is going to steal the show at WrestleMania? Well, I do not know, it’s the beauty of WrestleMania, you have to wait and see who is fighting, who is going to give everything.”

On his recovery from shoulder surgery and when he plans to return:

“My recovery is going really well, so I hope to be back soon, but I do not know when exactly, I have to wait for the doctor.”

On the state of WWE’s tag-team division since his absence:

“I see a quite strong division, the best team now is probably The New Day. I think there is much fun to see, but obviously there are a lot of great teams out there… The Usos, The Ascension.”

On if he would like to return to action as a tag-team star alongside Tyson Kidd when he makes his WWE comeback:

“Yes, definitely, Tyson Kidd is like a brother to me.”

On which NXT superstar he thinks should be promoted to the main roster and why:

“That’s a really difficult question. I do not think I can pick one, because it always depends on how they are brought to the main roster. Some think it will be a great success, and do not know why they are not; and others you think they are going to be and they are. So I think the timing is the key, and then all you have to ask yourself is if that person will be able to survive in WWE.”

On who his dream match would be against and why:

“My dream would be fighting against whoever the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was at WrestleMania.”

On if he would like to be managed by Paul Heyman when he makes his WWE return:

“Well, let’s leave that aside. Paul Heyman has one thing on his mind and it’s Brock Lesnar, and I’m not willing to be the number 2, I’m number 1. So no, definitely not.”

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