Video: Steve Austin On WrestleMania 32 Appearance, Daniel Bryan's Retirement

WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin spoke with ABC 27 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania this week about Donald Trump running for President, a possible WrestleMania 32 appearance and more. Below are some highlights.

On appearing at WrestleMania 32:

“As far as the storyline goes, if it’s not something that really makes sense, if it’s not something that’s really good or has an impact, it’s not worth doing.”

On Donald Trump running for President:

“I think [Trump’s] awful reactionary, as far as would he make a great president or not. I like a lot of the things that he says, but that being said, [I] don’t know how I’d react, we still have a long way to go.”

On Daniel Bryan’s retirement:

“It’s a hard pill to swallow when you have to walk away from something that you truly love. That’s a guy who worked his tail off and the system was against him, he wasn’t the guy that was the chosen one. And because the fans believed so much in him, they had to make him the chosen one.”

“It’s like Paul Orndorff, Mr. Wonderful, told me a long time ago when he had to retire. He said ‘Steve, there is life after wrestling.’ and I said ‘There is?’ and he goes ‘Yes, there is.”

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