WWE News: Hogan on WWE Network Commercials, Shelton Benjamin Update, more

– WWE has begun using Hulk Hogan’s likeliness on recent WWE Network commercials. While they have refrained from doing so in the past after the controversy, most insiders have believed that WWE would bring back Hogan eventually once they were sure that the public backlash would be minimal. It’s possible that Hogan’s recent inclusion on the commercials is some sort of testing ground to see what the reaction will be.

– Shelton Benjamin had surgery on September 7 to repair a torn rotator cuff. He’s expected to take about six months to recover and is still also expected to start working with WWE once he is healthy.

– WWE officials removed all references to the Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks match at Clash of Champions because they scripted the 9/12 Raw to do a three-way and wanted to go with the idea that no one-on-one match had ever been announced. As a result, instruction was given to both the domestic and international web teams to remove all mention of the singles match and to stop promoting it in any way.

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