FIA adds tyre barrier to guardrail hit by Grosjean

The FIA has added an extra layer of protection to Sakhir’s Turn 3, the scene of Romain Grosjean’s terrifying in crash in last Sunday’s Bahrain GP.

This weekend’s second round of racing at Sakhir will take place on the track’s shorter outer loop. However, the layout will include the first sequence of corners form last weekend’s race where disaster struck on the opening lap.

The portion of damaged guardrail at Turn 3 has been replaced by new Armco, but a tyre barrier has also been added at the spot as an additional precaution.

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Other changes include the removal of a kerb on the approach to the fast right-hand Turn 9 kink (part of Sakhir’s Turn 13 corner on the standard track) to help reduce the risk of a car getting airborne in the event of a contact.

Also, the FIA noted that “a tyre barrier on the right hand side of T9 will be extended and increased in depth to four rows of tyres with conveyor belt.

“These changes are in accordance with Article 5 of the FIA Circuit Licence conditions of issue, and as such the current FIA Grade 1 licence for all configurations of Bahrain International circuit remains valid,” stated the governing body.

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