WWE Live Event Results (10/17/16) – Laramie, WY

Thanks to rajah.com reader Nicholas Cannella for sending this in!

10/17 WWE Monday Night SmackDown Live House Show results from Laramie, WY

WWE came to Laramie for the first time since 2002. Tonight the SmackDown Brand had
a live event and it was advertised the last month with a Double Main Event
Featuring Styles vs Ambrose for the World Title and Orton vs Wyatt.

1) Dolph Ziggler defeated Tyler Breeze to retain the Intercontinental Championship.
Dolph scored the pinfall after hitting a Super Kick. Great opening contest with
fast pace action.

2) SmackDown Tag Champion Heath Slater & The Hype Bros (w/ Mascot Cowboy Joe)
defeated Viktor & The Vaudevillains. Slater pinned Simon Gotch after the “Smash Hit”
DDT. This was a entertaining six man tag match. Cowboy Joe is the mascot for the
Wyoming Cowboys Basketball and Football teams.

3) Apollo Crews defeated Curt Hawkins. Crews won with a Spin out Power Bomb. Solid
match up but afterward Curt Hawkins tells us all we need to face the facts,
challenges anyone to come out and face the facts then “The Demon” Kane’s music hit
and he came out to answer the challenge.

4) Kane defeated Curt Hawkins. Kane won via Chokeslam in less than 10 seconds.

– Bray Wyatt cut a promo on the video screen about Randy Orton.

5) Baron Corbin defeated Jack Swagger. Corbin wins via roll up.

6) Main Event # 1- Randy Orton defeated Bray Wyatt. Orton attempted an RKO but Wyatt
reversed it into a “Sister Abigail”. Then Orton countered into a roll up and Wyatt
kicked out, Finally the Viper hit the RKO out of nowhere for the win. Another great
match with Orton being really over with the crowd and doing what he does best.
Mostly all the fans had their phones lit up as “fire flies” during Wyatts’s
entrance. Afterward, Orton circled around, took pictures and signed autographs for
the fans.

– The Phenomenal AJ Styles cut a promo on the video screen about his match with
Ambrose later in the night and said ” he is the face that runs the place”

7) Naomi & Natalya defeated Alexa Bliss & Carmella. Naomi pinned Alexa for the win.
Towards the end of the match Naomi tried to tag in Natalya but Since Natty is still
Playing her heel role, she stepped off the Apron and walked to the back. Afterwards
Naomi danced.

8) American Alpha defeated The Usos. Alpha gets the win with a Grand Amplitude on
Jimmy. Solid tag team match.

9) Main Event # 2- AJ Styles defeated Dean Ambrose to retain the WWE World
Championship. Ambrose almost had the match won but AJ hit Him with a low blow and
Styles Clash for the finish. Great performances by both men as always. The match
went about 20 minutes with plenty of action and near falls. Afterwards Styles
grabbed the mic and said ” I’m the face that runs the place , the champ that runs
the camp and still The WWE World Champion”!, Ambrose then delivered a Dirty Deeds on
AJ to send the crowd home happy.

Biggest Pops
Styles (mixed reaction)
Wyatt (ring entrance)
Hype Bros and Slater

Biggest Heat

Wyatt (as he taunted the crowd)
Styles (mixed reaction)
Vaudevillains and Viktor
Natty (when she walked out on Naomi)

All in all great show and the Arena-Auditorium was about a quarter full tonight.
No return date was announced. WWE comes to Wyoming every 5-7 years, so overall
there wasn’t many shows but last year there was a live event in Casper which was
headlined by Reigns/Ambrose beat The Wyatt Family. Next in 2008 they came to
Cheyenne and that was main evented by Edge beat Big Show via DQ. In 2002 as
mentioned earlier the last time they were here in Laramie, in which was headlined
by Kane beat HHH and Y2J beat Flair. 1999 there was a WCW Saturday Night Taping
in Casper and Benoit beat Psychosis to retain US Title. 1998 in Casper, a Thunder
Taping headlined by Sting/Luger/Konan beat Scott Hall/Curt Hennig/Brian Adams. In
1996 the first ever event held in WY was in Casper and it was a Monday Nitro with
Sting/Luger went to a No Contest with The Outsiders and Flair beat Macho Man.

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