More on Kurt Angle/WWE & Possible Involvement at Royal Rumble

– Those close to Kurt Angle are stating that Angle has not gotten any word whatsoever of his participation in the Royal Rumble. If history is any indication, WWE tries their best to protect against leaks and thus closely guards the “surprise” entrants for the Rumble and don’t even tell or contact the talent until a week before the actual PPV, so it’s still conceivable that Angle could make some sort of appearance.

– Ultimately, whether Angle wrestles for WWE or not will come down to the results of any physical he must pass with the company before being cleared to wrestle. Vince McMahon – in the past – had been very worried that “something bad” would happen to Kurt in his ring, bringing WWE widespread negative press.

– For what it’s worth, Kurt Angle’s agreement with WWE begins immediately and runs through to April.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Subscription information available at

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