Chris Jericho Confirms His Latest Run With WWE Is Soon Coming To An End

Chris Jericho spoke with Chris Smith of to promote his match against Kevin Owens at tonight’s WrestleMania 33 pay-per-view in Orlando, Florida.

During the interview, Y2J all but confirmed that he will soon be stepping away from WWE to start promoting his new Fozzy album and to pursue other things that “have been on the back-burner and are starting to come to fruition.”

“We’re getting ready to put out a new Fozzy record, and I can’t do wrestling and music at the same time,” said Jericho. “So I think this [wrestling] run is pretty much winding down at this point.”

Jericho continued, “It’s time to take a break from wrestling and work on some of these other things that have been on the back burner and are starting to come to fruition.”

Despite the fact that he could soon be leaving the wrestling world to return to his other gigs and hobbies, the WWE Universe may not have seen the last of Chris Jericho in WWE.

“If there’s a tour of Japan or a tour of Australia, I’ll go if I’m free. If there’s a weekend I’m free, I’ll do it in Peoria or Lakeland, Florida,” said Jericho. “It doesn’t matter to me how big or small the shows are, because they all count.”

Jericho added, “I still enjoy it, and when it’s time for me to come back, if that time comes and when that time comes, then I’ll come back the same way I always do.”

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