Smackdown Preview: Daniel Bryan's Return, Women's MITB Situation, more

— Here’s a summary of the Smackdown preview from for tonight’s show:

How will Carmella’s controversial Money in the Bank Ladder Match victory be addressed?
Through social media, the other Ladder Match participants have expressed their fury over Ellsworth ruining their historic moment. With all eyes in the WWE Universe turning toward Team Blue, how will Daniel Bryan settle this controversial matter?

The Lone Wolf reigns as Mr. Money in the Bank
Baron Corbin stood tall at the conclusion of WWE Money in the Bank, winning the Ladder Match to earn a guaranteed WWE Championship Match at any time over the next year. The Lone Wolf wasted no time inserting himself into the title picture, confronting titleholder Jinder Mahal on WWE Talking Smack after WWE Money in the Bank. With Corbin eying the right moment to strike, will SmackDown LIVE provide him with an opening to take the WWE Championship?

Will The Viper be looking for payback on Mahal?
The Modern-Day Maharaja will surely be ready to gloat after beating Orton in his hometown of St. Louis, but will Mahal have to watch out for a retribution-minded Viper?

Will Mike & Maria Kanellis bring the power of love to Tuesday nights?
The couple claims they’re here to teach Team Blue about the power of love, whatever that may entail. The happy couple capped off their arrival with a romantic slow dance for the WWE Universe, seemingly giving credence to their claims. Will Maria & Mike continue to teach their lessons in love to the WWE Universe?

Daniel Bryan returns to SmackDown LIVE tonight
Will Daniel Bryan’s return to SmackDown LIVE go smoothly, or will he come back to a Team Blue that’s more chaotic than ever?

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