John Cena On 7/4 Free Agent Return: "A Lot To Prepare For, A Lot To Celebrate"

On Tuesday, John Cena continued hyping his upcoming return to WWE as a “Free Agent” on the July 4th episode of SmackDown Live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cena took to social media today, writing a post on his official Instagram page to promote his long-awaited WWE return on 7/4.

It’s worth noting that today marks the 15-year anniversary of Cena’s WWE television debut back in 2002.

“One week until [SmackDown Live] in Phoenix,” wrote Cena. “One week until July 4th. A lot to prepare for, a lot to celebrate.”

Cena concluded, “It’s almost time WWE.”

Join us here on 7/4 for live coverage of SmackDown Live featuring the “Free Agent” return of John Cena!

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