Jim Ross Offers Advice To Big Cass: "Don't Say Or Do Anything Stupid, Just Get Better"

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently spent some time discussing the release of Big Cass from WWE during this week’s episode of his Ross Report podcast.

During the show, “Good Ole’ J.R.” gave his reaction to the news, which came out this week and was immediately followed by a lot of online rumors and speculation.

“I saw where Big Cass got released. I don’t know what it was, I have no idea and it’s none of my business,” said J.R. “Hey look, I have had three sabbaticals from that company. Did I like it? Nope. Did it ruin my life and my career? Hell no.”

As he continued to talk about the subject, the former longtime WWE employee, who went through a number of firings of his own, offered some advice to the young up-and-coming prospect.

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“So all he’s gotta do is figure out how I can get better, how I can cure the perceived ills that I may or may not have,” said Ross. “Your world is not over. Don’t say anything stupid. Don’t do anything stupid. Just get better.”

J.R. added, “You’re too damn young with too much of an upside to not be able to resurrect yourself without question. Let’s keep an eye on how Big Cass progresses.”

Check out the complete episode of The Ross Report with Jim Ross at Omny.fm.

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