Adam Cole Talks About Having Doubts Before His NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III Debut

As noted, NXT North American Champion Adam Cole recently spoke with the So Catch by Hal YouTube channel for an interview.

In addition to previous highlights we posted from the interview, Cole spoke about having some doubts and butterflies before making his official debut at the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III event.

“I had definitely a combination of emotions for me,” said Cole. “I was really, really excited but then at the same time and again, I had been wrestling for ten years prior to that point, but never for WWE. Even though I had wrestled all over the world I was hoping and thinking, ‘guys I really hope the fans know who I am.'”

Cole continued, “You’re nervous about the moment, are they just gonna sit there or are they gonna be really excited? So fortunately when I was really pumped and they were really amped I was like, ‘oh thank god okay.’ So yeah it ended up being one of my favorite nights of my wrestling career, so much fun.”

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