Elias On Comparisons To The Rock, Possibly Working With The Undertaker

Elias recently spoke with the folks from the Gorilla Position podcast for an interview. Featured below are some of the highlights, which include Elias talking about possibly working with The Rock, and seeing himself headlining against WrestleMania against The Undertaker, John Cena and/or Roman Reigns in the future.

On who he could see himself headlining WrestleMania with in the future: “So when WrestleMania comes around I see Elias against The Undertaker, I see Elias against John Cena, Elias against Roman Reigns. So you know, I definitely see headlining WrestleMania things like that. I’ve always had a thing with The Undertaker. You know, he’s the Dead Man, Elias is the Living Truth. You bring those two together, it’s just a hell of a story.”

On being compared to The Rock and possibly working with him in the future: “I hear all kinds of comparisons of The Rock. Of course, he played guitar a few times on Monday Night Raw and if he wants to meet at WrestleMania and come walk with Elias, I’m more than welcome to show him how it’s done.

“Here’s the thing, okay? He did a few Monday Night Raws [with a guitar], he did The Rock concerts, and everybody thinks he’s great — he did cover songs, okay? He ripped off Wonderful Tonight and Jailhouse Rock. Elias is doing originals every single week in front of millions of people all around the world. I’ve got an album out, a documentary out, I’m performing in front of tens of thousands live at all of the events. So The Rock can’t do what I do.”

Check out more from the Elias interview with the Gorilla Position podcast below.

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