WWE 205 Live Results (6/4): Laredo, Texas

The June 4th edition of 205 Live takes place at the Sames Auto Arena in Laredo, TX.

General manager Drake Maverick opens the show with a vignette promo. Footage of Tony Nese calling Akira Tozawa the best contender for his cruiserweight championship is shown. Maverick announces that Noam Dar will challenge Tozawa to a matchup tonight. Then, in the main event, Oney Lorcan settles the score with Ariya Daivari.

205 Live song intro.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to 205 Live from Laredo, Texas. Backstage we see Ariya Daivari shadow-boxing. Elsewhere, Oney Lorcan is in the locker room working out with a resistance band. Both look focused for the main event.

Akira Tozawa is out for the opening contest of the evening. The Scottish Super Nova, Noam Dar, is out second. Drew Gulak comes out of nowhere and attacks Dar on the entrance path! He tosses him into the barricade, then dropkicks Dar’s knee into the steel steps. Several referees surround Dar, with Drake Maverick running out to argue with Gulak. Dar will not be able to compete.

Meanwhile Tozawa taunts Gulak from inside the ring. Maverick has an idea…he tells the ring announcer that Gulak will be facing Tozawa…and that match…is right now!

Drew Gulak versus Akira Tozawa

Tozawa charges Gulak and lays into him with punches. Gulak slows Tozawa down with a slap to the gut, then another to the face. Tozawa fires right back with a frankensteiner and shining wizard in succession. Screaming senton with cover…Gulak kicks out. Stiff chops from Tozawa. He stomps Gulak down in the corner. Gulak catches Tozawa…fallaway slam. Tozawa gets to his feet but eats a big boot for his troubles. Tozawa attempts to lock in the octopus stretch…Gulak has it scouted and shoved Tozawa off. Gulak in control in the early goings.

Deep headlock from Gulak. Tozawa manages to break the hold by lifting Gulak in a firemans carry…his back gives out and Gulak takes advantage with a pinfall…kickout. Gulak with a snap-suplex. Another cover…another kickout. Gulak ties Tozawa up in a submission before dropping an elbow into his head and neck. Headlock is back on. Gulak targets the neck area with a knee-drop. Gulak goes for another submission…Tozawa breaks free…trouble in paradise misses…Tozawa connects with a strike sending Gulak to ringside. Tozawa comes off the ropes for a suicide dive…Gulak moves and Tozawa pulls up. Tozawa to the apron…running senton takes Gulak out! He drags him to the announcers table and bounces his head off the top. Tozawa runs back in the ring…suicide dive sends Gulak over the announcers table!

Back in the ring…Tozawa climbs…missile dropkick lands. Gulak sneaks out a shoulder on the pinfall attempt. Tozawa goes for a German suplex…Gulak hits an elbow to break free. Tozawa comes right back with his fake out jab…octopus locked in! Gulak is in trouble. He crawls…and gets a foot on the ropes. Tozawa goes for another shining wizard…Gulak surprises him with an alley-oop bomb. Texas cloverleaf is on right in the center! Tozawa tries to get to the ropes but Gulak drags him back. Tozawa struggling…he makes it to the ropes. Back and forth striking…Gulak wins the exchange by taking Tozawa down with a lariat. Gut-wrench suplex from Gulak nearly wins him the match but Tozawa gets a shoulder up at the last second. Nice sequence of counters…Tozawa picks Gulak up…samoan drop. Trouble in paradise connects. Tozawa climbs…Gulak meets him up there…superplex! Gulak picks him up…torture rack neckbreaker. That’ll do it.

Drew Gulak wins by pinfall

Mike and Maria Kanellis cut a promo. Mike says he hates the idea that he’s not considered the best because he hasn’t been seen on television. Mike scowls: “I’ve been the best since I debuted two years ago.” He then begs Drake Maverick to send him the best cruiserweights he can, because he promises to defeat them. “I am better than the best.”

Elsewhere the champion, Tony Nese, is being interviewed about Drew Gulak’s actions from earlier. Nese says that he’s had to deal with Gulak in the past, and that he didn’t agree with Maverick’s decision to put Gulak in the match with Tozawa. Nese then announces that he’ll let Maverick decide who he thinks he should defend his title against, as he is a fighting champion.

Commercial for Super Show Down.

Promo from the Lucha House Party. They say that they’ll give everything they have to defeat Lars Sullivan on Friday, but question why the Singh brothers think they deserve another shot against them. Segment ends with their signature “Lucha” chant.

Main event time. Oney Lorcan makes his way to the ring first, followed by Ariya Daivari. Here we go.

Oney Lorcan versus Ariya Daivari

Tie-up. Lorcan pushes Daivari into the corner. Referee gets in between them and makes the men reset. Daivari challenges Lorcan to a test of strength. They go at it…Daivari overpowers Lorcan bringing him to his knees. Lorcan builds up momentum with the lock still on but Daivari drops him again. Lorcan rises up again…he breaks the hold with a knee, then applies a standing surfboard submission. After a moment…Daivari reverses the pressure and now Lorcan is in trouble. Lorcan tries to switch over but Daivari is one step-ahead and keeps the submission locked in. Lorcan finally breaks the hold…pace picks up…Lorcan goes for the half-and-half…Daivari dodges…huge uppercut by Lorcan, followed by a suplex. He stomps Daivari’s arm hyper-extending the elbow Lorcan targets the arm by cranking it in his hands.

Lorcan slips out of a headlock to keep pressure on Daivari’s arm. He wrenches it over his shoulder…Daivari connects with an elbow. He bounces off the ropes…hip-toss from Lorcan and he immediately transitions into an armbar! Daivari struggling…he barely makes it to the ropes, then rolls to the outside to recover. Lorcan chases him but Daivari runs right back in. He tries to drop an elbow on Lorcan coming back into the ring…Lorcan saw it coming and moved. Lorcan climbs in the corner…Daivari catches him with a Tower of London neckbreaker. Back and forth striking…Lorcan wishbones Daivari’s fingers! Daivari screams in pain but manages to land a kick…Lorcan off the ropes…huge lariat from Daivari. Cover…two count. Daivari with stomps. He claws at Lorcan’s face. Lorcan fires off a chop. Another. Daivari with a right. More chops from Lorcan. Corner lariat by Daivari…he puts Lorcan on the top rope, then flips him on his back. Another cover…Lorcan out at two again. Daivari climbs…frog splash misses! Both men are down.

Big striking combo from Lorcan. He decapitates Daivari with a running uppercut. Lorcan is fired up…running corner elbow, followed by a northern-lights suplex. Lorcan nearly wins the match with a running blockbuster. He goes for the half-and-half…Daivari with a roll-up…two count. Daivari ties him up for the hammerlock lariat but Lorcan ducks…Daivari hits a superkick. He climbs…Lorcan nails him in the arm. Big slam. He picks Daivari up…huge chop connects. Another. Daivari looks rocked. Lorcan goes for a running powerslam…Daivari slips behind and pushes Lorcan into the turnbuckles. Cobra-clutch from Daivari! He’s got it on right in the center…Lorcan is fading…he gets a surge of energy but Daivari drops him with a reverse DDT. Daivari to the top…frog splash…he hits it. Daivari with the cover…Lorcan turns it into a crucifix pin…got em!

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Oney Lorcan wins by pinfall

Lorcan begins to celebrate but Daivari charges him! Lorcan pulls down the top rope and Daivari falls to the outside. He doesn’t go for another attack. Lorcan stands tall.

That’s the show friends.

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