Formula 1 commits to using sustainable fuels by 2026

Formula 1 has vowed to use engines powered by sustainable fuels by 2026 while also committing to the long-term future of the hybrid power unit.

As part of its push towards a more environmental friendly F1 and a net zero carbon footprint by 2030, the sport’s chiefs and the FIA have set up a working group that will investigate how to combine future engine technology with sustainable fuels that will lead to “real-world benefits”.

“At the top of our priorities for both sustainability and our sport is building a roadmap for the internal combustion engine that addresses the environmental goals of our automotive partners and society,” F1 said in a statement released on Thursday.

“Although the cars account for a very small percentage of our carbon footprint as a sport (0.7%), it is important the most visual part of our sport is sustainable and can have real-world benefits.

The automotive industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift that Formula 1 cannot ignore. The move towards electric mobility has already compelled Honda to exit F1 at the end of next year and redirect its resources towards alternative future engine technologies.

    F1 will address ‘economics’ around 2026 engine – Carey

However, the vast majority of automobiles on the road will remain powered by an internal combustion engine for years to come. But a reduction of the industry’s carbon footprint can be achieved in part by the widespread adoption of sustainable fuels.

“We believe that with over 1 billion of the 1.1 billion vehicles in the world powered by internal combustion engines, we have the potential to lead the way in technologies that reduce automotive carbon emissions globally,” added Formula 1.

“We also believe there is not a single solution to the engine technologies of the future but a sustainably fuel hybrid engine will be a significant moment for the sport and the automotive sector.”

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