More on Rob Gronkowski's Agreement With WWE; Likely to Wrestle at SummerSlam

— As common sense and other reports have already suggested, WWE and Rob Gronkowski have no doubt already agreed to a contract as the company would never tease something like this unless they were sure it was going to happen, notes the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This is similar to the situation with Ronda Rousey where the two signs had come to an agreement but WWE was denying it publicly so that she would make a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble. The only difference here is that WWE is specifically targeting and stating a March 20 date for Gronkowski’s first contracted appearance on TV.

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— At this point, Gronkowski is not scheduled to compete at WrestleMania and even whether he will be on the show and in what form is still being decided. In any case, if the event goes forward in Tampa, Gronk will be there and if there is a last minute decision to have him wrestle, it would no doubt be in the Andre the Giant battle royal.

— As per his deal, Gronkowski is expected to wrestle at least a couple of matches for WWE and it is widely believed one of them will be at SummerSlam in Boston given that he played his entire career with the New England Patriots. His involvement with WWE is expected to generate a tremendous amount of media attention, perhaps even greater than the level that Ronda Rousey drew when she started in 2018.

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