'Revolutionary' Protesters in Ukraine Take Over Govt Buildings

The hundreds of the thousands of street demonstrators who took to the streets across the Ukraine on Sunday show no signs of letting up as their calls for ‘revolution’ against the government of President Viktor Yanukovych were matched with strategic seizures of ground in the nation’s capital of Kiev on Monday.

Kiev’s Independence Square, according to reports, is now under the full control of the protesters who have set up barricades protecting the central gathering area. Meanwhile, key government offices came under occupation overnight with protesters setting up a makeshift headquarters inside city hall and government workers have been barred from entering their workplaces.

As the Guardian reports:

The calls for ‘revolution’ have mostly remained peaceful, with the majority of the large crowd speaking out against the violence that has occurred at the margins of their protests as ultra-rightwing nationalists have used the occasion of the protests to attack police, using petrol bombs, rocks, and other weapons in an effort to incite a violent response. As this video shows, some peaceful anti-government protesters on Sunday put themselves between the violent, masked provocateurs and a line of riot police who had taken up a defensive position:


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“We should not be provoked. There are a lot of provocateurs. We can change the power in a civilized way. Our rally in Kiev today is a peaceful protest only,” said heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitchko—a member of parliament, one of the most famous people in Ukraine and a supporter of the revolution—told people during a speech in the square on Sunday.

Klitchko is only one of many of Ukrainian lawmakers siding with the protesters and as negotiations continue behind closed doors on the government response, the life of the protest movement is making progress of its own.

As the New York Times reports:

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