New Snowden-Developed Smartphone Device Aims to Shield Journalists

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has helped to develop a smartphone case designed to protect privacy by constantly checking whether one’s phone is transmitting data via radio signal.

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The technology, which the NSA whistleblower developed alongside prominent hardware hacker Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang, is “a case-like device that wires into your iPhone’s guts to monitor the electrical signals sent to its internal antennas,” according to Wired.

Wired continues:

Indeed, Snowden told Intercept reporter Micah Lee in a video interview, “We have to ensure that journalists can investigate and find the truth, even in areas where governments prefer they don’t. It’s basically to make the phone work for you, how you want it, when you want it, but only when.”


The Verge further explains:

According to The Intercept, Snowden and Huang presented their findings in a talk at MIT Media Lab’s Forbidden Research event on Thursday and published a detailed paper.

If the technology proves successful, Lee reported, “they may seek funding through the Freedom of the Press Foundation to develop and maintain a supply chain.”

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