'My Guy': Ariana Grande Gives Big Hug to Bernie Sanders on Her Massive Social Media Platforms

American singer, songwriter, and actress Ariana Grande became the latest celebrity to give 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders a big show of support—sending out a photo of the two together to her tens of millions of followers on Wednesday afternoon.

Grande called Sanders, “MY GUY,” in a tweet to her 67.4 million followers:

Grande also posted one of the photos to her Instagram account, which has 167 million followers.

Sanders, who met Grande at her concert in Atlanta, Georgia Tuesday night, thanked the singer for her social justice advocacy:

Back in October, Sanders retweeted Grande to bring attention to his staple platform policy Medicare for All in a tweet that went viral, garnering over a half million likes:

Jane Sanders also thanked Grande for supporting her husband’s candidacy:

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