Ryback on Vince McMahon, Returning to the WWE

Ryback on Possibly Returning to the WWE
 Ryback took to his podcast series ‘Conversation With The Big Guy’ to reveal that the WWE has yet to cancel his free WWE Network subscription, possibly in the hopes of having him return sometime in the future. However, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion was quick to shoot down the idea; “No I won’t [return].  I want them to [cancel the subscription]. They won’t.”
Ryback on Vince McMahon

The former WWE Superstar revealed what the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is like backstage. Discussing his former boss, Ryback revealed that McMahon is somewhat of a prankster, with a tendency to sneak up behind wrestlers and putting them in various submission holds. Ryback also brought up the now infamous Titus O’Neil roughhousing with Vince McMahon incident (which saw Titus receive a 60 day suspension), citing that Titus took it too far.
“Vince was like that. He’d try to come behind people and try to f***ing get them, like, legitimately,” Ryback said. “There were many times he’d come up behind me and bump me and I’d turn around, like, f***ing pissed. I know Titus O’Neil took it too far and would come and tackle him sometimes.”

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