TNA Impact Best Of Recap – 12/22/16

This week is a best of 2016 episode, and since it’s all going to be previously seen material tonight, I’m just going to touch on the segments instead of doing play-by-play for everything.
We start off with Bobby Lashley taking on Drew Galloway for the TNA World Title at Slammiversary.  Lashley knocks Galloway out and locks on an Anaconda Vice until Drew passes out.  Lashley takes the TNA World Title.
Next up is the Lashley vs Eddie Edwards cage match from July where Eddie put the X-Division Title on the line against Lashley’s World Title.  Lashley comes out on top to take the X Division Title, then we move on to Lashley’s victory over James Storm several weeks later to add the King of the Mountain Title to his collection.

Next up is Kurt Angle’s announcement from the first Impact of 2016 that he would be wrapping up his TNA career in the next several weeks and would be doing a going away tour.  His first match on that tour was a very close win over Drew Galloway a week later, followed by a win over Bobby Roode.  We then flash forward to his speech before his farewell match in March and then go to commercial.
We move on to Drew Galloway cashing in Feast or Fired to defeat Matt Hardy for the TNA World Title.  He followed that up with a win over Jeff Hardy, and then a victory in a rematch against Matt shortly afterward.
Next is Dixie Carter’s announcement that Gail Kim would be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, followed by a video package extolling her excellent TNA career, and then her actual induction.  The Gail segment wraps up with Gail defeating Maria to regain the Knockouts Title at Bound For Glory.
The next segment takes us to Lockdown when Matt Hardy defeated Ethan Carter III to retain the TNA World Title with help from Rockstar Spud, and then we move on to the Final Deletion, as BROKEN Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy to forever transform him into Brother Nero.  After that, we flash forward to the Hardys defeating Decay in the Great War to win the TNA World Tag Team Title at Bound For Glory.

We now turn our attention to “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria, starting with his debut where he looked like the guy on a package of Bambu rolling papers, followed by his stunning pinfall win over EC3.
After that, we move on to the debuts of Aron Rex and Moose, followed by the debut of Cody and Brandi Rhodes at Bound For Glory, and then their in-ring debut in a mixed tag against Mike and Maria Bennett on Impact.
Our next contestants are Decay, and we start off their year with their victory over Beer Money for the TNA World Tag Team Title, then we jump forward several months to Rosemary’s recent victory over Jade for the Knockouts Title.

Next up is the X Division, with DJ Z winning the title in Ultimate X to set off months of the same guys having the same match every week for the rest of 2016.
Finally, we wrap up with our current TNA World Champion Eddie Edwards.  We see the night Bobby Lashley chose him thinking he was the weakest opponent, only to lose the TNA World Title to Eddie.  We move on to the rematch about a month later, as Eddie got a cheap win after a fast count from the referee.
That’s it for this week, next week’s episode will feature the best of BROKEN Matt Hardy.
Source: PWInsider

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