Dangerous Botch At Recent WWE Live Event

Last night’s WWE SmackDown Live Event in Bossier City Louisiana boasted the main event of John Cena vs AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin. 
The match was solid by all accounts until it came to the point where Baron Corbin was set to deliver a super-plex to AJ from the top rope. Baron had his feet planted on the middle and top rope and only AJ to lean on for support, but when AJ went to step up on the top rope as well, he slipped and took Baron down with him. 
Luckily Baron managed to flip and take a back bump on the outside and AJ managed to hang onto the rope and land on his feet on the apron. 

Corbin recovered and finished the match, so it seems that there was no harm done, it just looks a lot nastier than it was. 
The video can be seen at the following link…

AJ slips and Corbin goes flying. Corbin was able to continue the match with no problems. #WWEBossierCity pic.twitter.com/iIHAjcGiKD
— Flash (@FlashCarter23_) January 8, 2017

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