Alberto El Patron is the Latest Wrestler to Defend JBL

Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio,) certainly has made some headlines recently. He has posted a series of drunken rants on social media, he’s trashed WWE and Triple H on multiple occasions, and he’s gotten in numerous incidents involving his fiancée, Paige. Alberto continues to stir up controversy on a regular basis seemingly without feeling any shame about it whatsoever. At this point, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.
Recently, Patron was interviewed by Sports Illustrated and continued to give his honest thoughts on WWE, and now the controversial allegations of JBL bullying talent in the locker room. Patron has said that although he can’t stand many people in WWE, he does admire JBL.
When asked about the announcer, Alberto said the following: “I know I had a lot of beef with some of the people in that company, and I can say that I hate some of the people in that place, but JBL was not one of them. He was always fantastic to me and he always treated my family with respect, so I have nothing but respect for JBL. But with all honesty, and I swear on my kids’ life, I don’t watch the product at all, I don’t follow, so I don’t know what the situation is with JBL.”

JBL has been at the center of a story that is becoming talked about more each day; he has been accused of bullying by numerous talents including former ring announcer Justin Roberts. Patron is certainly not the first wrestler to defend JBL, but with fans now petitioning to fire JBL, this story has become increasingly more divisive. 



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