Shawn Stasiak Comments On Sean Waltman’s Recent Arrest At LAX

Former WWE and WCW Superstar, and son of the legendary Stan “The Man” Stasiak, Shawn Stasiak, recently appeared on AfterBuzz TV’s XPac 12360. Stasiak talks about being a second generation star. Hanging out with a young Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as well as infamous locker room stories and more. You can check out the entire podcast below:

Stasiak also published a new in-depth article on, commenting on Sean Waltman’s recent arrest at LAX. Here is an excerpt from his article:
“It’s not a secret as it’s been well documented that Sean has had his share of battles and challenges in the past with his demons. It also seems to be human nature for those to judge and or view people with filtering lenses of the past that create a belief system or way of thinking towards someone or a particular person in the present….In the NOW.

In Sean Waltman’s case, I feel this incident has a lot if not all to do with that notion. Basically being judged and or an opinion of him has been formed by these authorities based on some of his past mistakes, challenges, run-ins, etc….That has created a false perception of who he is TODAY! It’s unfortunate but it happens all the time and It’s just the facts.
I do believe that Sean is innocent and didn’t have any wrongful intent and I do believe that perhaps these authorities may have had it out for him so that right off the bat didn’t help. But then you add in the fact that he did have what he did have on him and one of those products I believe was said to be some form of pre-workout supplement that was deemed methamphetamines comes as no surprise as even I am learning more and more that a lot of these over the counter products…fitness/nutritional supplements sold over the counter legally are in some way shape or form metabolites of the methamphetamine family as well as other potential compounds.”
You can read Shawn Stasiak’s column, “Dr. Shawn’s Corner” in its entirety.


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