NJPW Has Announced More Seats Opening Up For Wrestle Kingdom 12

Due to how big the upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 12 PPV event has become, NJPW has announced that they will be opening more seats for the fans who will show up on the day of the event. They did note though that the view for the stage and video screens could be a bit more difficult to see from these new seats. Evan (@EvanDeadlySinsW), who is a moderator for the NJPW section on Reddit has provided the potential areas where more seating could become available.
Below are the tweets sent out by NJPW & Evan regarding the announcement of more seats opening up:

1?4?(?)?WRESTLE KINGDOM 12 in ??????????????????!!https://t.co/UDCFMXpbsz#njwk12 #njpw #?????????????? pic.twitter.com/FL0lyryekf
— ?????????????? (@njpw1972) December 28, 2017


NJPW announced that, to accommodate high demand, more seating will be made available on the day of the show. https://t.co/Rp2grcz6ww
— Evan (@EvanDeadlySinsW) December 28, 2017


I figure it’s areas like these, as they said that the extra seating may have a shallow angle of view to the stage and video screens. pic.twitter.com/P1N2kpRW4U
— Evan (@EvanDeadlySinsW) December 28, 2017


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