Dish Network Blocks Pop Tv

Pop TV, the home of Impact Wrestling’s weekly show, is currently being blocked by Dish Network, the second biggest satellite carrier in the United States.
As of this morning for Dish Costumers, the Pop TV channel was replaced by Bravo and an explanation that the channel was being blocked by CBS. CBS along with Lionsgate are owners of the network that is home to Impact Wrestling’s weekly television show on Thursday nights.
All of this comes about as Dish Network and CBS enter another round of bargaining to have the CBS owned channels carried on the Dish Network. Both companies are pointing fingers and blaming each other, much like what happens every time Dish Network has to renegotiate a contract with a broadcast provider.

Pop TV, Along with the Smithsonian Channel and CBS Sports Network are the cable channels effected but the carriage of local channels depend on your market.
This means that unless this is resolved before Thursday night, Impact Wrestling will lose millions of viewers to their main TV show. The troubled company already has viewership issues for their show at times on the Pop Network, so this could be very costly to them.


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