Update on Neville’s WWE Status, Madusa Getting Surgery, Barrett

Neville disappeared from WWE television right around the time that he dropped the Cruiserweight Championship to Enzo Amore, and he has not been seen or heard from ever since. It was reported a while back that Neville has not been released from WWE, and that the two sides are actually having positive discussions about a return. PWInsider provided an update recently when they revealed that he was scheduled to return on Smackdown in November during the company’s Eastern European tour, but those plans were eventually changed. Talks between the company and Neville are still said to be ongoing at the moment.
Madusa managed to amend her poor relationship with WWE when she was inducted into the Hall of Fame back in 2015, and the relationship between the two sides remains strong to this day. Madusa was even the subject of the Trailblayzer documentary on the WWE Network earlier this year, which was a film about her career in wrestling and monster truck driving. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed recently that she is currently in the hospital getting knee replacement surgery. The surgery appears to have been a success since Madusa posted an update and a photo of herself in the hospital with her doctor on her Instagram account earlier today.


Well so far so good. The pain block has ended and now I want to punch the wall?? this awesome Dr. Brian Palumbo of Wesley Chapel did a revision on my knee from a partial knee just 5 months ago. Now I have a full knee replacement and again it’s no frick’n joke. Doing great and a double thumbs up ?? for his great cocktails especially the one that didn’t make me vomit my guts out after surgery this time?????? wow I look ?? absolutely like toast! ?? thank you to everyone for your support and love… keep them coming it’s a long road ??
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During the end of his WWE career, Wade Barrett (now known as Stu Bennett) attempted to reinvent himself as “Bad News Barrett.” As the name suggests, the gimmick saw Barrett deliver bad news to his opponents and the audience. It was well-received by audiences, but WWE abruptly dropped the gimmick not long after it started. While speaking with the Buzzards Wrestling Podcast, Barrett revealed the reason why the gimmick was changed. Barrett said, “I was specifically told the reason I wasn’t allowed to say my catchphrase ‘I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news’ anymore was that it was getting a positive response and they wanted me to be a heel. I personally didn’t agree with that philosophy. I felt ‘Look, if they are going to cheer for me, they like this, let’s go with it. I’ve never been a babyface before, let’s go with it.’” Barrett also discussed his acting gigs and current run as General Manager for Defiant Wrestling.

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