Elias in Royal Rumble, Legends in Female Royal Rumble? Yamaguchi

It was announced recently that there will be an women’s Royal Rumble match at the pay-per-view of the same name in January for the first time ever. There will also be a Royal Rumble match for the male superstars as well with 30 entrants fighting for the chance to challenge for a top title at the event. It appears that we now have our very first entrant confirmed for the match: “The Drifter” Elias. “The Drifter” announced his intentions to enter the match during Raw on Monday night and he is now confirmed to be in the match by WWE. Will Elias be the one to win the Royal Rumble and headline WrestleMania? We’ll have to wait until January 28th to find out.
Ever since it was announced that WWE will be putting on a women’s Royal Rumble match in January, fans have already begun speculating that stars from NXT or a major name such as Ronda Rousey could enter in the match as a surprise. It looks like quite a few former WWE Superstars are also interested in entering the historic match, namely Michelle McCool and Trish Stratus. McCool wrestled for WWE from 2004 to 2011 and has maintained a great relationship with the company ever since. Stratus is regarded as one of the most legendary female performers in WWE history. WWE Hall of Famer Madusa and MMA fighter Cris Cyborg have also teased entering the match.

There’s NOTHING @WWE women cannot do. It’s been a long-time coming – can’t wait for the FIRST EVER WOMENS #RoyalRumble! Now…where dem boots?
— Trish Stratus (@trishstratuscom) December 19, 2017

WOW!!! @WWE women continue to get much deserved opportunities to SHINE! The news of the 1st ever Women’s Royal Rumble match January 28th makes my heart happy! Just sayin’…..my birthday is Jan 25th-what a FLAWLESS gift that’d be! Congrats ladies! ????
— Michelle McCool (@McCoolMichelleL) December 19, 2017

?? could be my final opportunity to work some golden ass on some attitude and revolution ass era https://t.co/DQu1zgRjNw
— Madusa/AlundraBlayze (@Madusa_rocks) December 19, 2017

Any Royal Rumble without #Cyborg seems incomplete @TripleH @WWE pic.twitter.com/N7mDnxhmPD
— #UFC219 #CyborgVHolm (@criscyborg) December 19, 2017

It was reported recently that former WWF manger Yamaguchi-San had been in the hospital for the past few days after suffering a stroke. He most famously worked as a manager during WWF’s ‘Attitude Era’ for the Kaientai group. His brother and current Japanese announcer for WWE Shunsuke Yamaguchi provided the following updated on Facebook: “The dude is doing much better!!! Breathing on his own, moving left side of the body, the stroke messed up his right side…can’t talk yet but understands what we are talking about and as long as we keep the questions to yes or no i think he’s okay.” According to his brother, Yamaguchi-San’s health appears to be much better now and he can apparently breath on his own once more.

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