Delta Airlines Responds To Chris Jericho’s Total Miles of Flight

Just recently, a Flight Attendant told Chris Jericho that he had flown a total of three million miles on Delta Airlines. After he was approached by the Flight Attendant, Chris Jericho tweeted the company and wondered if that deserved at least a free cocktail. Delta Airlines responded by using a few of Chris Jericho’s best catchphrases. 
Below are the tweets sent out by Chris Jericho & Delta Airlines:

Flight attendant just came to my seat and told me I’ve flown THREE MILLION miles on @Delta….I think that deserves a free cocktail at least!
— Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) December 31, 2017


Oh wow, what an accomplishment! Are you looking for the gift? The gift of Delta?? Well, please follow and DM your confirmation number so we can show our gratitude for your preference and so you can…drink it in mannnnnn! *HVI
— Delta (@Delta) December 31, 2017


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