Jon Bravo Says He is Taking A Break From Creating YouTube Videos

As we all know by now, Filmmaker Jon Bravo has been accusing and indicating that several WWE Superstars including Roman Reigns was a client of his that he was selling drugs to. Over the past few months, Bravo has been releasing one video after another saying that he will be releasing a video that has all the proof and evidence of several WWE Superstars including Roman Reigns as being involved in the drug ring. 
As previously reported, Jon Bravo released a video that did not provide any evidence linking Roman Reigns or any current & past WWE Superstars to his accusations that they were involved in the drug ring. Just recently, Bravo addressed the criticisms and the backlash his video brought. Aside from the video not providing any evidence linking Roman Reigns or any current & past major WWE Superstars, the video also contained some spelling errors, such as Steve Austin’s name appearing as “Aystin.” Here is what Bravo wrote:
“I AM A ONE MAN TEAM. I do this alone, with no help not even a person reviews it but myself. Yes there are spelling errors.. When you are rushed by 1000’s to make a video of this magnitude in this amount of time and work there will be errors.. I am human*******Also since no matter how many times or ways I say it but their IS EVIDENCE on Reigns but without some key texts to match the orders I WILL NOT DISCLOSE IT. ** Just wanted to tell everyone that I am going to be taking some time away from youtube to focus more on the WFN Film and other feature film opportunities that I have been given. I pour my heart and soul in these videos and feel that most do no understand what I am doing here. I was never a wave around your hand and “Film with a cell phone” guy. I wanted to do something that was different that not everyone has the patience to do, however I learned that this generation doesn’t really know whats involved in making these types of videos and they want more instant gratification. I believe in quality and always will. As I have said many times in the past, I do not make money on youtube and have only spend thousands on gear and countless hours of learning and editing to learn this craft. Saying all that, I appreciate everyone even the people who hate, it’s the people who hate that got me where I am today.?”

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