Two killed by bomb in ‘attempted assassination’ of Alexandria security chief

Two people were killed when a bomb exploded under a car in the Egyptian city of Alexandria on Saturday in what appeared to be an assassination attempt on the city’s security chief, state media reported. 

The blast went off as a motorcade carrying Major General Mostafa al-Nemr, Alexandria’s top security official, was passing by in the Roshdi district. 

The explosion killed a policeman and another person and wounded four other police officers, according to the state news agency MENA. 

"On Saturday March 24 an explosive device planted underneath a car exploded … as the Alexandria security chief drove by," the interior ministry statement said.

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Pictures shared on social media showed smoke billowing from the burned out remains of a car.

Egyptians are due to go the polls on Monday for the country’s presidential election. 

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is expected to be overwhelmingly re-elected after all credible opponents were arrested or intimidated out of the race.

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