KO Reopens ProWrestlingTees Store Under Name Of “Kevin Steen”

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn had the opportunity to win back their jobs last Sunday at WrestleMania but failed to do so after suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. The next night on RAW, one of the two men had the opportunity to receive a Monday Night RAW contract, however, the match ended in a no contest meaning that Owens and Zayn are still unemployed.
The duo has taken to Twitter to further enhance the Kayfabe of the storyline, blacking out their Twitter accounts, even changing their Twitter names to “El Generico” and “Kevin Steen” and then changing them back to their WWE sanctioned names.
Well, an interesting breakthrough in the story came today when a new store opened up on prowrestlingtees under the name Kevin Steen. Prowrestlingtees announced earlier this afternoon that the store is legit and you can purchase Kevin Steen apparel now that Owens is technically not employed by WWE. PWT does claim, however, that these shirts will only be available for a limited time… probably because Owens will find his way back to RAW or SDL.

Sami Zayn has not opened an El Generico store and there is no word yet on whether or not he will.

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