From steak to aftershave to urine tests, how Donald Trump’s merchandising empire has collapsed

For years at the height of his Apprentice fame the appeal of living, dressing, eating and smelling like Donald Trump showed few limits.

There were Trump steaks, Trump deodorant, Trump shoes, Trump vodka, Trump ties and, bizarrely, a Trump-branded urine test.

But the president’s decision to trade TV stardom for frontline politics appears to have had a corrosive effect on the appeal of his brand name. 

All but two of the 19 companies paying him to produce or distribute Trump-branded products when he joined the president race have stopped, according to The Washington Post. 

The findings reflect Mr Trump’s transition from popular television personality to divisive Republican president over the last decade.

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It also indicates that parts of the president’ business empire, now run by his two sons, have suffered since he entered the Oval Office. 

In 2009, Mr Trump reported that his licensing partners sold $215 million worth of Trump-licensed goods across the world, according to The Washington Post. 

Trump Network, a vitamin company, reportedly sent customers urine-sample kits branded with a Trump logo.

“Take a snapshot of the most critical metabolic markers in your body’s natural waste fluids,” the website said. 

Donald Trump has put his two sons in charge of the family business, Trump Organisation, since becoming US presidentCredit:
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

When Mr Trump joined the president race in 2015 he had 19 remaining licenses paying some $2.4 million a year, according to The Washington Post. 

But the paper, which worked with the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University, found that just two were still in existence. 

They were a Panamanian firm selling Trump bed linens and homeware and a Turkish company selling Trump furniture. 

A Trump Organisation did not response to a request for comment. 

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