Rumor Killer on 205 Live, Nakamura/Styles Plans, SAnitY Update

205 Live is the name of WWE’s cruiserweight-exclusive show that airs every Tuesday night on the WWE Network right after Smackdown goes off the air. The show has struggled to gain viewership ever since it was initially launched, but WWE does not have any plans to abandon the show for right now. During PWInsider’s Elite Audio show, Mike Johnson noted that recent rumors suggesting that WWE will be replacing the show in favor of their planned United Kingdom weekly series are not true. Triple H has noted that viewership for the show has been going up lately, and it was also noted during the show that the company is not finished yet with their cruiserweight experiment.
The feud between Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles has spanned over several different WWE pay-per-views now, but there still has not yet been a decisive winner in their recent matches. Fans already know that a Last Man Standing match between the two wrestlers for the WWE Championship will be taking place at Money in the Bank in June, but the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio has revealed that the upcoming match will likely end with both men hitting low blows on each other once again. However, before both men are able to be counted out once again, Styles will likely reveal that he wore a protective cup during the match, thus allowing him to win the match and retain his title.
It has been a while since fans have heard any sort of update on WWE’s plans for the SAnitY group. The company announced that the stable was being called up from NXT to officially start working on the Smackdown brand earlier this year, but the group still has yet to make a single appearance on the show. During an episode of Wrestling Observer Live, it was noted that there may have been a few changes in plans made by WWE along the way. While there is no word on how severely the plans have changed, it certainly looks like SAnitY’s main roster debut has at least been pushed back for a few more weeks. Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe are the SAnitY members that have been advertised to appear on Smackdown lately.

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