Mickie James Takes Shot At Ronda Rousey

Two RAW Superstars traded some barbs Wednesday on the Twitterverse.
RAW Women’s Champ Ronda Rousey sent a critical tweet to Alexa Bliss, decrying her victory over Natalya this week as a byproduct of her alliance with Mickie James and Alicia Fox. Rousey essentially said Bliss won because of her cronies – a word James didn’t like. That caused James to fire back at Rousey. Here’s a look at the match and the exchange: 

Cronyism: the appointment of friends & associates to positions of authority, w/out proper regard to their qualifications; Me:20yrs, 6 WWE Championships among a long list, overqualified, PHD= more championships than you’ve had matches??@RondaRousey #RhondaLousey < #SeasonedSavage https://t.co/KhSH7o93p9
— Mickie James~Aldis (@MickieJames) September 5, 2018

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