David Arquette on If There Are More Deathmatches In His Future

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Former WCW Heavyweight Champion David Arquette to talk about his deathmatch from this past weekend. The actor and wrestler went up against GCW World Champion Nick Gage at GCW Presents Joey Janela’s L.A. Confidential in Los Angeles, California.
The brutal match between the two ended with Arquette holding his neck after taking a light bulb shot that led to Arquette almost leaving the match and then attempting to shoot on his opponent. Gage would finish the bout by judo throwing Arquette to the mat and getting the pinfall victory.
You can check out the ending of the match in the video below:

Please don’t watch this video if you are bothered by blood, hardcore wrestling, profanity, Nick Gage, or David Arquette. With that said, I’m posting it due to questions being asked by the wrestling community. #JJLAC pic.twitter.com/MdHJE2KqM0
— GIF Skull [6-1] (@GIFSkull) November 17, 2018

TMZ Sports spoke with Arquette while he was headed to watch last Saturday night’s NXT TakeOver: WarGamesII Event and asked if would be doing another deathmatch.
“That’s definitely the last deathmatch, unless it’s at UFC,” Arquette said.
With his wounds from the match still quite visible, he was then asked if Nick Gage had spoken with him since their match.

“No. Ah, I don’t really know how to talk about it. I’m on this side of the dirt,” Arquette joked.
You can check out the photo below of David Arquette’s nasty wound along with a video of his interview with TMZ Sports:

This photo by the great @allelbows shows the exact moment when David Arquette’s neck gets cut, which led to a very scary and bizarre finish at #JJLAC https://t.co/6CR0akJZ9o pic.twitter.com/nTB0MqCsKm
— Marc Raimondi (@marc_raimondi) November 17, 2018

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