Fandango Update, Date for Tribute to the Troops, Strickland/WWE

Fandango and Tyler Breeze were both traded to the Raw brand earlier this year, but unfortunately, The Fashion Police have not been able to compete on the show over the past few months. Ever since Fandango went down with an injury, Breeze has resumed his singles career and has even appeared in NXT on a couple of occasions. Fortunately for Breezango fans, PWInsider has reported that Fandango is now back in the WWE Performance Center training for his return to the ring. Fandango received a torn labrum back in July. There is currently no word on when exactly Fandango is expected to come back to WWE television, but it appears as if he could be ready to go once again by early 2019.
WWE announced just days ago that the Tribute to the Troops event will be returning once again this year. This long-running event was taped yesterday in Fort Hood, Texas, but WWE had yet to announce how the annual show would be broadcasted. The company has since explained that Tribute to the Troops will air on December 20th at 9/8CT. Former Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, will appear on the show, and country singer Morgan Wallen will be performing as well. WWE has hosted the Tribute to the Troops event during the holidays every year since 2003. Several WWE Superstars are set to be part of the event, so be sure to check out “The Most Patriotic Show of the Year” when it airs on the USA Network later this week.

The Most Patriotic Show of the Year returns to Fort Hood, Texas, when @WWE Tribute to the #Troops takes place Tuesday, December 4!
— Tribute to Troops (@TributeToTroops) November 29, 2018

It has been said that WWE is currently in the process of signing as much talent as the company can in time for 2019. One name who has been linked to WWE for quite a while now is current MLW wrestler Shane Strickland. PWInsider has just been informed that Strickland’s current deal with Lucha Underground may prevent him from joining WWE in January as he had originally planed to do. Strickland is expected to continue working in the meantime until WWE feels that the time has come for him to appear on television. MLW has spent months planning around Shane’s departure. Although he may not be coming in immediately next year, the belief is still that Shane Strickland will be leaving MLW to join WWE in 2019.

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