AAA Guerra de Titanes results: Johnny Mundo vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.

Images: Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide

The AAA lucha libre promotion presented their first major show of the year with Guerra de Titanes from Mexico City on Friday night.

The undercard really delivered with action, while the final match left a befuddled reaction. Four titles changed hands, including Dr. Wagner Jr. winning the AAA Mega Heavyweight Championship. Wagner defeated Johnny Mundo with help from Vampiro, who was the special referee for the title match.

The son of Dr. Wagner Jr. turned on his father during the match. El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. and his treachery led to a beatdown on his father. With a helping hand from Vampiro, Mundo was still dethroned as champion by Dr. Wagner Jr. — or “Rey Wagner” as he is sometimes known these days.

Though billed as the main event leading into the show, the heavyweight title match took place in the semi-main position on the card so that a cage match could close the night. Like with the semi-main, the involvement of a referee factored heavily into the finish of the  match.

A cage match where the rules were seemingly no holds barred somehow ended via disqualification as El Hijo del Fantasma retained his Latin American Championship over El Texano Jr. The interference of a referee — Hijo de Tirantes — and the brother of Texano — Bengala — caused the DQ. The match halted in a convoluted manner as Vampiro and the commission came out to stop it.

The angle led to the announcement of Texano Jr. against Hijo del Fantasma in a hair vs. mask match at the next major show in a few months. That apuesta match takes place on March 4th at Rey de Reyes.

Guerra de Titanes — which translates to “War of Titans” — also featured La Mascara and Maximo debuting with the promotion. The relatives of Psycho Clown debuted after the conclusion of a dog collar match between their family member and Rey Escorpion.

The dog collar match was a bloodbath that seemingly ended with a DQ finish. That is what the referee signaled at least. However, some reports indicate the finish might have been a no contest. Either way, another gimmick match on the show that typically has no DQ rules ended via outside interference. Go figure.

Nonetheless, the dog collar match was arguably the best thing on the show. If nothing else, it was indeed the bloodiest match on a show with a lot of bloodshed. Elsewhere on the undercard, the four-team elimination match for the trios titles was also a candidate for match of the night. The Cruiserweight title match delivered as a great opener. And the rest of the undercard included hard-hitting matches with the Women’s title bout and a trios street fight.

The matches all took place in a six-sided ring on a show that streamed live on Twitch. The commentary team was exclusive to the live stream and various other TV partners aside from Televisa. A separate announce team will call the action on the Televisa version of the show.

Australian Suicide defeated Lanzelot to win the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship

Suicide pinned Lanzelot to win the title after obscuring Lanzelot’s vision by shifting his mask to the side of his face. The early portion of the match was a fast-paced free-for-all. The turning point was Suicide giving Lanzelot a piledriver on the apron. Suicide worked over Lanzelot until he made a comeback, which led to a series of near falls after a running Spanish Fly and a Blue Thunder Bomb.

The battle spilled out of the ring and Suicide did a Shooting Star Press off the guardrail at ringside. Back in the ring, Suicide came up empty on a corkscrew plancha. Lanzelot did a Super Crazy trifecta of moonsaults, and Suicide got a toe on the ropes to break up a pin attempt.

Moments later, Suicide twisted Lanzelot’s mask so that he was basically blindfolded. Suicide delivered a falling codebreaker before covering Lanzelot for the pinfall.


Faby Apache defeated Lady Shani to win the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

Apache won the title when she pinned Shani with a German suplex. Apache came to the ring wielding a chair, which backfired on her when she was hit with the chair at the outset. They beat the heck out of each other in a match where they traded several near falls.

Shani used a backstabber for a close two count. Apache delivered the Devil’s Wings, but Shani kicked out. The kick outs were overshadowed by stiff kicks — there were lots of stiff kicks. Finally, Apache executed a German suplex with a bridge to score the pin.

La Parka, Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria defeated Dave the Clown, Monster Clown & Murder Clown in a street fight

La Parka pinned Dave the Clown after a uranage onto a pile of chairs. The crazed clown trio attacked La Parka and his crew backstage. Scoria and Cuervo were left for dead — though they would soon return. Parka and the clowns brawled their way to the ring — where the clowns ganged up on him. They ripped his mask and Parka got color. With him now bleeding, the beatdown continued.

Parka started to fire up when his partners, Scoria and Cuervo, entered the scene swinging chairs. They all cleaned house on the clowns. The clowns would eventually cut them off.

What was essentially a bunkhouse match at first turned into what looked more like an FMW tribute as the stunts progressed further. For the finish, La Parka delivered a uranage onto a pile of chairs to pin Dave the Clown.

Carta Brava Jr., Tito Santana & Mocho Cota Jr. won the AAA Trios Championship by defeating Averno, Chessman & Super Fly and Aerostar, Drago & Raptor and Argenis and Angelikal, Bengala & Mascara de Bronce in an elimination match

Just for clarification, the Tito Santana (aka Soul Rocker) here in this match is not that Tito Santana of WWF fame.  

The flyers got to shine at the outset until Santana and El Nuevo Poder del Norte (“The New Power of the North”) began to dominate. They practically killed Aerostar on a triple-team spot. Just as the tecnico flyers started to shine again, the OGTs (Averno, Chessman & Super Fly) hit the ring for a Gordon Solie Pier-Sixer.

The OGTs almost completely tore the mask of Angelikal off his head when they jumped him. Angelikal countered with a Huracanrana on Chessman. Angelikal hooked a leg to pin Chessman, eliminating the champions and ending their reign in their first defense of the titles.

All the flyers got to shine again. Then, Nuevo Poder del Norte took over trying to rip up another mask. Carta Brava splashed Raptor, and the rudo teammates dogpiled on top of Raptor for another elimination via pinfall.

The rudos ripped the mask of Mascara de Bronce. That only gave him better vision for a flip dive off the ring post to the outside. Bengala did a moonsault off a balcony to the floor. Back in the ring, Bengala was fouled. Mocho Cota then pinned Bengala for Nuevo Poder del Norte to win the titles.

The OGTs reappeared after the match to attack Nuevo Poder del Norte. OGTs administered a post-match beatdown on the new champions.

Psycho Clown defeated Rey Escorpion by DQ in a dog collar match

This got very bloody. Despite being essentially a no holds barred chain match, somehow this ended with a disqualification. That is at least what the referee signaled. They had a great match hampered by a lame DQ finish. The angle afterwards tried to make up for the DQ.

They repeatedly circled each other at the outset as the referee unsuccessfully tried to chain them together. Then they just started having a match without the chain. Escorpion bailed out of the ring, leaving Psycho Clown in the ring. That allowed the referee to secure the dog collar around the neck of Psycho Clown.

With Psycho Clown basically on a leash made of chain, Escorpion was still unchained and free from the collar. He began to pummel Psycho Clown. Somewhere along the way, Psycho Clown got color and bled.

Still not wearing the collar and chain, Escorpion touched all the turnbuckles and declared himself the winner. The ref waved it off since Escorpion had yet to put on the collar. Several officials rushed in the ring to forcibly have Escorpion collared.

His face flashed a look of shock and despair as the then-chained Escorpion fed into a comeback. Psycho Clown fired up and dived through the ropes with a tope. A second tope sent Escorpion into the first row. Psycho Clown climbed the lighting rig and jumped off to dive on Escorpion.

Escorpion bled heavily, with him getting color after taking a chair shot to the head. He even donned the crimson mask. They kept the fighting in the ring for the final minutes of the match. Escorpion kept trying big moves, looking to put away Psycho Clown so he could touch all the corners.

Psycho Clown did a flip dive over the ropes to the floor while still wearing the chain. Suddenly, Monster Clown and Murder Clown ran in to attack Psycho Clown. The referee called for a disqualification and awarded the match to Psycho Clown. Meanwhile, Escorpion and the clowns pummelled Psycho Clown while also ripping his mask.

Rey Escorpion and the clowns were taking advantage of a venerable Psycho Clown. To make the save, two masked men snuck behind Escorpion. They unmasked to reveal themselves as relatives of Psycho Clown. They were La Mascara and Maximo!

The Brazo family cleaned house on Escorpion and celebrated together in the ring afterwards.


Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Johnny Mundo to win the AAA Mega Heavyweight Championship

Wagner pinned Mundo to win the title with help from the special referee, Vampiro.

Dr. Wagner had his son in his corner. In Johnny Mundo’s corner was Hernandez. As the super special referee, Vampiro also got the superstar entrance being the last character to enter the scene. His feud with Mundo engulfed the match. Upon the very first pinning attempt by Mundo, Vampiro made a slow count. Hernandez interfered as Mundo distracted Vampiro with an argument. Mundo kept using underhanded tactics to cut off Wagner during the match.

Mundo rolled through a splash off the top and fed into a comeback by Wagner. Rinse and repeat.

Hijo de Dr. Wagner hit Vampiro with a chair to break up a pinning attempt by his father. Wagner’s son tossed the chair to Hernandez. Wagner thought Hernandez was the culprit, so Wagner hit him with a chairshot. Mundo fouled Wagner and superkicked Vampiro. Mundo called for another referee before hitting the Moonlight Drive. Wagner kicked out for a near fall. Mundo followed with a springboard moonsault, and Wagner kicked out again.

Wagner used a draping DDT, then went to finish off Mundo. Wagner’s son got into the ring and hit his father with a chair shot to the head. Wagner bled. Hijo de Dr. Wagner and Mundo too sweeted and hugged each other.

Mundo missed the End of the World. He then squared off with Vampiro. Mundo started punching Vampiro — only for Vampiro to give him a chokeslam. Vampiro draped Wagner’s arm over Mundo. The other referee began counting, and Vampiro assisted in finishing the three count.

Wagner celebrated with the championship around his waist as the cage was constructed for the final match on the card.

AAA Latin American Champion El Hijo del Fantasma defeated El Texano Jr. by DQ in a cage match to retain his title

Hijo de Tirantes was the referee in charge, and he freely helped Texano at various times. Texano began to work over Fantasma. He ripped at his mask, exposing his face so Texano could rake it across the cage. Fantasma bled, staining his white gear.

They both climbed the cage to trade punches while teetering on the top of the cage. Moments later after both had fallen back into the ring, Fantasma fired up. Fantasma went climbing out towards victory. Hijo de Tirantes threw a chair at Fantasma to stop him. Bengala also ran down to interfere, spitting water in Texano’s face.

In the confusion, the match ended in a disqualification. The commission and Vampiro ruled that the interference cost Texano the match. Hijo de Tirantes and Bengala began brawling with Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr.

During the aftermath, Vampiro announced an apuesta match to settle the score. In a mask vs. hair match on March 4th, Hijo del Fantasma against Texano Jr at Rey de Reyes.

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